Atkinson speaks up
Infidels be crazy

So many contradictions

The Telegraph:

The core values of women’s education, emancipation and entitlement to respect must endure: but some of the wilder shores of Western feminism are ridiculous.

[Emphasis mine.]

Entitlement to respect? Why would anyone, man or woman, be entitled to respect? The author writes that in the context of female babies who get aborted before birth because of their gender.

But don't we then have a conflict? A pregnant woman only has a right to abort her unborn child if she's completely unaware of the sex of the baby. However, as soon as that knowledge becomes available, then the baby ought to be respected if the baby is a she.

Some "value" that.


Great that women’s earnings have risen: but it’s a little worrying that, in the United States, the family wage has simultaneously fallen, and sometimes more than a little worrying that it now usually takes two salaries to raise a family. Where is the “choice” in that? No easy answers!

One of the reasons that the average wage is falling is that women are entering the labor force in large numbers. So much so that today in the US most of the workers are women! When supply of something increases, it's price decreases. More workers, lower wages. It's surprising that the author isn't aware of such a simple fact.

I guess women's education doesn't include basic economics.


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