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Spineless infidels

Jihad Watch:

Even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff thinks that it if Muslims respond to something with murderous violence, it is up to the non-Muslims to change the way they behave so as to accommodate them. And so eleven years after 9/11, terrorism well and truly won: now if any group wants anything, they know that all they have to do in order to get it is rampage and riot and kill.

The West has created quite a perverse incentive structure for itself.  

Also, this film didn't "spark violent protests." The film has been on YouTube since 2011. Someone found the film and thought it would serve as a pretext for attacks on Americans on September 11.

Precisely. Just like the Muhammad cartoons which weren't used as an excuse for mayhem for many months since so few people were aware. When some Muslims got hold of the drawings, they spread them in their world and then blamed the cartoonists for "inciting" violence.


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