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While it may be that the U.S. military now passes out awards like candy, just looking at the photo of Eisenhower doesn't give you any useful information. For casual circumstances it is common for only the top row (the ribbons for the most senior awards) to be worn. I suppose a quick check of wikipedia would let you compare the actual awards.

Isaac Schrödinger

If that's the case, then Petraeus looks silly wearing all(?) his ribbons. He ought to, like previous generals, wear the ones which signify the most senior awards.

After doing a Google Images search, Ike was found to be wearing, at most, two rows in numerous, different situations. If Ike or similarly notable generals did wear many more rows on occasions, then my point will be incorrect.


Howdy! Do you happen to own any journalism skills or it is just a completely natural talent? Can't wait to hear from you.

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