T20I no. 277
Full of win!

Asian tigers

Tomorrow: Pakistan vs. India.

Who will win? Usually the team with the stronger bowling has the advantage. Thus, the Pakistanis have the edge. Though, history is not on their side since they have never defeated India in a World Cup match. Plus, India will be playing with added fury: defeat means knockout from the tournament. So, it should be very interesting.

Who knows, Afridi might even get a score that's positive!

I was hoping for a thriller like the first final in 2007. Instead, the Pakistani batting crumbled and India had a comfortable target which they achieved with three overs to spare. Kohli, as usual, was solid. 

Now, the Pakistanis will face the Shane-Watson-powered Australians. I'd be very surprised if Pakistan manage to win that match.


Tambi Dude

I can't believe you got this 20-20 game wrong. The game is all batsmen's game. As Akram put it "what is common between a bollywood villian and 20-20 bowler. Dono hee pitne ke liya paise khate hain (both get paid for being beaten)".

As I type this India is about to win and once again I blame bad Pak batting.

Isaac Schrödinger

True. That means Australia will make it to the final match.

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