Step away from the juice
Loving the boot

Silencing truth

Robert Spencer:

Nathan Lean wants "society" to take action against those who stand for freedom and human rights against jihad, Sharia and Islamic supremacism, for we "must be stopped." This is a veiled but clear call for restrictions on our freedom of speech.

Those who want to silence Robert Spencer have it backwards:

Lean ignores the inconvenient fact that when Muslims engage in violence, they repeatedly justify that violence by reference to mainstream Muslim understandings of Islamic texts and teachings, and peaceful Muslims have not mounted any large-scale movement to oppose them or interpret those texts and teachings in a different way. He pretends instead that it is we who have equated Islam with violence. A few thousand imams preaching from the Koran and Sunnah would beg to differ.

Robert Spencer and his supporters haven't invented the link between Islam and war. They simply point out that, er, inconvenient truth.


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