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David Solway:

Not long ago, I took my dog Shiba for an afternoon workout at our town beach on the Ottawa River, a lovely crescent of yellow sand and shade trees patronized by visitors from as far away as Montreal.

A Siberian husky! Lovely tricksters.

Not everyone, however, is appreciative of Shiba’s playful and rambunctious presence. As I was about to launch another tennis ball for her to retrieve, I was approached by two attractive, deeply tanned young women who objected to Shiba’s performance, or, rather, to Shiba herself. They demanded that we cease and desist. When I inquired why I should comply, I was informed that dogs were unclean creatures and that Shiba prevented them from bathing since the water would be polluted by her thrashing about.

Oh, there was definitely some pollution there. Though, the dog can't be blamed for that. Anyway, an astute commenter writes:

According to many Muslims, non-Muslims are ‘unclean’, so what’s next after they get the dogs eliminated from their sight?


Classical Liberal

The second incident described at the link is even more disturbing.

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, the Canadian fellow arrested for being "insensitive" because he was walking his dog close to an Islamic event.

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