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Thom Hogan on August 23:

What sticks in your head is the scream you hear from your local dealer as they realize that they have to stock 75 different cameras just to stock what's in Nikon's coop advertising flyers that you'll find in your local paper most weeks. And that's not counting special lens or other kits. As I noted in a story earlier this week, Nikon now has Coolpix cameras priced every US$15. There's gotta be something in there for you, right?

I feel sorry for the retailers. How can they explain the pros and cons of the different cameras to their customers?

Thom is right. This level of headache is not present in the DSLR range but still there's one big issue: sometimes older generation cameras are sold at higher prices than better, newer generation cameras. Example? D3X vs. D800.

Intel has had the same issues. They sell close to a hundred flavors of CPUs in the market. How do average folks decide on a CPU for their new computers?


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