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VVS Laxman has retired from international cricket. This batsman played during a time when India had many excellent wielders of the blade. He wasn't the most consistent (Dravid) nor the most popular (Tendulkar). But what he did in March 2001 has yet to be surpassed by an Indian player.

March 13-15, 2001
Very, very special
The defining innings. Steve Waugh's Australians were relentlessly marching towards conquering the "Final Frontier" with a 274-run first innings lead in the second Test in Kolkata. His epic 281 leads an astonishing recovery and India sneak to victory by 171 runs.

That is, in my opinion, the greatest test innings of the last two decades. At the time, 281 was the highest score ever by an Indian player. He made that against the strongest and most vicious team of the era. India went on the win the next match and thus the series.


Tambi Dude

Yes 281 is perhaps the best test innings since I started following test cricket in early 1970s. Brutal and yet elegant stroke play.

Isaac Schrödinger

I was in university at the time. I was having lunch with Indian students who were quite sad after India were made to follow on. Forget victory, they had little hope that India could draw the match. It wasn't just the Aussies who were stunned by that awesome 281.

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