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Innovative trailers

Make believe!

A few more items in the never ending list of Things That Offend Muslims:

Play Station and IKEA are among the latest non-Muslim entities to offend Muslims. First, “a [Saudi] citizen was shocked when he bought an electronic Play Station game and found a stage that insults the Noble Koran,” claiming that “the game targets the Koran, specifically by opening fire on it.” The man lamented: “We are tired of saying ‘Who will take responsibility for this?’”

And IKEA is making a wine carrier which is called Omar!

It could be worse. Imagine if they started selling toilet paper under the name Muhammad.



I am glad to say that I have an easy answer to that mans' question. Written a long time ago but fits like a glove:

Classical Liberal

I can get a Play Station game that insults the Koran? Sweet! what game is it?

Isaac Schrödinger

The game is Resident Evil 5. Though, I doubt there's any insulting of the Quran.

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