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A brave "insult"

Too many Muslims forget that their religion teaches peace:

Julie Aftab was 16 and working in an office in Pakistan when a man walked in and asked her if she was Christian, spotting a small cross she wore around her neck. She replied that yes, she was and the man became abusive, shouting at her that she was living in the gutter and would go to hell for shunning Islam.

He left and returned half an hour later, clutching a bottle of battery acid which he savagely chucked over her head. As she ran screaming for the door a second man grabbed her by the hair and forced more of the liquid down her throat, searing her esophagus.

She survived. Those Muslims weren't merely savages. They were incompetent savages. Oh, and their feelings and pride took quite a blow.

On leaving the hospital she was labelled a pariah in her neighbourhood, her family was persecuted and their home was burnt down. 'They wanted to hang me,' she told the paper. 'They thought it would be an insult to Islam if I lived.'

The "insult" lives on.

Link via Vlad Tepes.


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