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ODI no. 3275

Half excellent


Over the last two years (July 2010 onwards), Pakistan have won 33 ODIs and lost 19. By all accounts that's an excellent record - only three teams have a better win-loss record during this period, and even there, Australia's ratio is better only by 0.02.

They made it to the World Cup semi-finals thanks to their bowling ...

It's a credit to Pakistan's bowlers that the team has such an impressive win-loss ratio, for their batsmen haven't done a whole lot to justify that record: in terms of averages and strike rates, Pakistan rank seventh among all teams

... but then crashed and burned there because of their atrocious batting.

Despite their fairly ordinary batting stats, Pakistan have won more than their fair share of matches, thanks to their outstanding bowling attack. During these two years, Pakistan have taken their wickets at 30.62 runs each, and are one of only three teams to concede less than five per over.

Pakistan fields the most potent bowling attack in the world when their premier bowlers are all fit. Only South Africa has a comprable line up of bowlers today.

Of course, in a direct match between Pakistan and South Africa, the Pakistanis would lose big time since their poor batsmen would get slaughtered by the South African bowlers. The Pakistanis need at least one near-great batsman in their team to win matches more regularly. Someone like Anwar, Inzi or Youhana. Younis Khan is fading; Umar Akmal hasn't matured; Afridi is too unpreditable; Hafeez is excellent but only as an all-rounder -- his batting is average.

Let's see who steps up in the near future.


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