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Vacation is good:

Americans work more than anyone else. In fact, we work 100 hours more per year than the famously nose-to-grindstone Japanese. And we put in up to three months a year more than Europeans.

America is the only country that does not mandate paid vacation leave. China gets three weeks. Europe averages six.

Call it the incredible shrinking vacation. The average vacation in America now numbers a pathetic three to four days—a long weekend. And this year, according to a recent survey, one in seven Americans is taking no vacation at all.

I find that it is not necessary to go on a vacation. Simply being off from work for a week or more does wonders. Not to mention that it's also a more economical choice.

Come to think of it, I haven't been on a "vacation" since 1996. That was the time I met my extended family in Pakistan for a few weeks. Good food, cricket and plenty of cheap arcade games. Good times.

Link via Instapundit.


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