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No love for Manji in Malaysia

The moronic Saudis

In addition to the Jews, Saudi Arabia has now banned the Gregorian calendar.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said that the decision "means to preserve the Islamic calendar and the Arabic language."

My dad would get a calendar every year from his company in Saudi Arabia. It was simple; one page on which Islamic dates and the Gregorian calendar were put together without any trouble. Those who cared about the Islamic dates were happy; those who followed the A.D. convention were happy; those who cared about both were happy!

This just goes to show the extreme level of intolerance and paranoia in Saudi Arabia. They ban a freakin' calendar because it's threatening their language and culture. I wonder how they'll enforce this rule? What if an average person is caught with the banned calendar? What will be the punishment? A night in jail? Ten lashings? Being forced to listen to harsh Quran recitations?

Just curious.


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