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Finis justice

Recognizing the poison

It is exceedingly rare to find a Muslim who doesn't reflexively support the Muslim world (the ummah) over the "evil" West. Hassan Nisar is that guy. Watch the video. The audio is in the Urdu language. The subtitles are mostly correct; there are a few minor errors but none of them alter the essence of what he said.

Related: My dad worked in Saudi Arabia for three decades. Upon his retirement, the Arabs told him to go back to his country. He wasn't allowed to buy a small property in Saudi Arabia and live there in his old age. The Saudis thought it a smart idea to give a large sum of retirement cash to a law abiding fellow and then kick him out of the country.

I had been in Canada for less than 10 years when complete strangers donated money to me so that I could hire a lawyer who would fight on my behalf. After a bit over 10 years here, I became a Canadian citizen.

The contrast between the pious Muslims and the wicked infidels is very stark.


Tambi Dude

So you came a Canadian Citizen!! Congrats. I guess your last link to Pak is now cut.

Classical Liberal

Did your father actually want to stay in SA?

Isaac Schrödinger

When given the lovely choice between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, he would have picked Saudi Arabia.

Of course, he would continue to conceal his true religious beliefs. But then, that's not much different from what he now does in Pakistan.

Isaac Schrödinger

Tambi Dude: Merci!

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