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I've written before about how women tend to treat those to whom they are close much worse than they treat complete strangers. This, of course, is one reason why female friendships seldom tend to last as long as male friendships do. I've never quite understood myself why women will make the effort to get all dolled up for the office or a girl's night out, only to swap it all for a bare face and the usual sweatpants when they get home in order to ensconce themselves in front of the television more comfortably.

I've also noticed this behaviour. It's thoroughly reprehensible.


Francis W. Porretto

There's a reason for the old saying "Familiarity breeds contempt."

But really, this isn't as black-and-white as you think. It's part of the natural order. No one, young or old, male or female, can maintain the degree of novelty-and-hope-propelled excitement and allure of new romance for long. Once a romance is "off the ground," we want to relax into it. In a sense, the early exertions -- the careful grooming, the choice of exciting venues, and the exaggerated attention to the hoped-for object of one's affections -- are regarded as a price paid in full. That night seem crass or cold-blooded, but it is nevetheless true.

A great many affairs arise solely from the desire to feel the heady excitement of romance one more time. But Heraclitus pinned this one centuries ago: you can't go home, for you and it have moved on in irreversible ways. The attempt often costs the adulterer the thing he values most in all the world, all his misconceptions, good intentions, and efforts notwithstanding.

Isaac Schrödinger

It's understandable that with continuing familiarity / romance, the initial excitement dissipates.

What I find galling is how simple respect and politeness also disappear. One can readily observe this in the tone women use with their boyfriends or husbands.

Of course, women can't be fawning over their loved ones but is it really too much to ask of them to behave in a civil, neutral manner?

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