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Alpha Game:

the possession of education credentials is increasingly likely to come hand-in-hand with debt, older marriage, and a reduced likelihood of having children. Since men primarily value youth, beauty, and fertility in a mate, and because people seldom advertise the extent to which they are in debt, it shouldn't be too hard to understand why a woman waving around her degree(s) is not merely a turn-off, but a material strike against her.

Just as there are many men who don't understand what attracts women, there are also many women who simply don't understand men.

I finished my university degree at the age of 22. I have no desire for further "higher" education. However, I know multiple women who're still studying till their late 20s and beyond. The whole situation has two odd features; a) the women think they're gaining prestige and becoming more attractive to men and b) the women also think highly of themselves and do not want a male partner who is not as well "educated" as them.

Such women lead miserable lives. If only universitites offered courses on the SMV ...


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