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The Wall will rest

Those, truly, crazy Pakistanis

Tambi Dude emailed me this link:

Equipped with just enough religion to hate those with another faith — but not enough to love their coreligionists — Pakistanis have mostly turned their backs on religious atrocities. Exceptionally grotesque ones, such as when 88 Ahmadis quietly praying in Lahore on a Friday were turned into corpses, have also failed to inspire public reaction. Mass executions do not interest Pakistan’s religious parties, or Imran’s Khan’s PTI. For them, only the killings by American drones matter.

Of course. Muslims have been slaughtering Muslims for hundreds of years but it's only an atrocity when a non-Muslim kills a Muslim.

One of the most severe and major problems with too many Muslims is that they don't even acknowledge that minority Muslims (Shias and Ahmadis) are brutally executed all over the globe by the majority sect (Sunnis).

Just read this comment by Zaid Hamid:

This is all Yahoodi Conspiracy against Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We are the best and only God-chosen.

The Pakistani nation is on the shit list of all sensible countries in the world and for very good reasons. Yet, this superb moron thinks that Pakistan is the best! To top it off, he blames the Jews (Yahoodi) for spreading the malicious news regarding the fake killing of minorities.

One cannot reason with such people. It's so depressing. The truth to a Muslim is like light to a cockroach.


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