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Vox Popoli:

The problem isn't that Africans or Central Americans cannot ever be civilized or that there is a civilization gene, the problem is that like domesticating an animal species, civilizing an entire culture is a process that takes hundreds of years. Consider, for example, how long it took the barbarians of Britain and Germany to go from the naked pagan barbarism described by Julius Caesar to the heights of Christian civilization that produced Mozart and the chamber orchestras. The nations of the West doesn't have that much time, especially when they can no longer serve as a strong and stable models, having invited the enervating peoples into their civilizations. Moreover, in addition to attempting to civilize the barbarians inside their borders rather than outside them, they are trying to do so without the benefit of Christianity, which historically played a powerful role in the civilization of the white European barbarians.



Hi Isaac, could you clarify what you are referring to as a veneer? Is it the position of author of the quote (Vox)? Thanks

Isaac Schrödinger


No, what Vox says is not what I refer to as the veneer.

The veneer is the incorrect behaviour of Westerners towards those immigrants who do not value Western Civilization.

Too many Westerners think that people from Arabia, Iran or Pakistan are just like us: they like and want freedom, assimilation, opportunity and a good life.

That is partly true but fundamentally very wrong. Most immigrants do not value freedom nor do they want to assimilate. They wish to have a comfortable life but inside their own little enclave modelled on Arabia, Iran or Pakistan within the Western nations.

They largely refuse to admit that it is their decrepit culture and religion which is the cause of their collective misery. If anything they lionize and celebrate their blood-soaked heritage which is in sharp contrast to the West where many wallow in guilt for the supposed sins of the past.

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