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Some women are more equal than others

Right Wing News:

One of the latest liberal talking points is that conservatives are waging a “war on women” because they won’t agree that the Pope should be forced to buy everyone’s birth control. In other words, it’s completely imaginary.

You want to see what a real “war on women” looks like? Start watching the way vile, misogynistic liberals talk to conservative women.

The best example of this was about four years ago when Sarah Palin made the national stage. The rabid attacks on her and her family showed just how women-friendly the liberals really are.


Francis W. Porretto

The "war on women" has been, for quite some time, a guerrilla war, in which those who truly desire to subjugate women have worked subtly to deflect them from the comprehension of the specific assets of womanhood:
-- Sexual allure, coupled to the privilege of granting or withholding sexual access;
-- The ability to bear children;
-- Superior nurturing ability and domestic-management skills.

All those things have been under indirect attack by gender-war feminists and the political Left since the "bra burning" period of the late Sixties.

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