Difference between sexist and non-sexist desires
ODI no. 3265

Patriarchy with a vengeance

In Mala Fide:

In Chess there is only one woman in the top 100. Judit Polgar, ranked #32, by far the strongest woman player with a score of 2710, never became woman’s world champion because she chose to only compete in men’s tournaments. The second-rated woman, with a score of 2605 is way below the #100 ranked man with 2652 points.

My blood boils at this terrible injustice. Women have been shackled by the Patriarchy and told that they are not good at chess (and math). No wonder, we don't see many women who are super-awesome chess players. We all know, deep in our bones, that once women are free, they'll be kicking ass at chess.

(But I thought they don't want to put in the extra hours practicing the game in solitude and improving their ranking in the world. Women simply don't find chess that attractive. They're interested in, er, other things. -- Ed.)

Shut up, you sexist jerk!


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