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Many people in England, it seems, have trouble grasping mathematics:

Universities are dropping maths from degree courses because students – and their lecturers – cannot cope with it, a report warns today. Decades of substandard maths education in schools has led to a ‘crisis’ in England’s number skills, threatening the future of the economy, it says. Universities are being forced to dumb down degree courses requiring the use of maths, including sciences, economics, psychology and social sciences.

Mathematics was part of my major in university. It does get freakishly complicated by fourth year but that's not what most other students take for their degrees. We're talking calculus and statistics up to second year which is not that difficult. Plus, there are many students / tutors who can help you if you're stuck on a topic or problem.

This whole dumbing down the curriculum is only going to make the present and future graduates worse off. There will be more of them with less ability in a job market that is not very healthy. Therefore, many won't find jobs and those who do will be working for wages that will be considered most unsatisfactory given the university tuition which they paid by, likely, borrowing thousands of pounds.


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