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This is too good via Prof. Reynolds:

Q: I attend a small university studying engineering. I hold traditional values and I would like to get married to a woman willing to stay home and raise our children. I am lucky enough to not have any student loans and will be able to support a wife and children on my salary. Preferably, I would like to marry a woman who has a college degree and is smart because we would match intellectually and she would provide the best environment for my children. Women I meet on campus frequently call me sexist. I never thought of myself as sexist because I have no problem whatsoever with women who work in general and I respect my fellow female students and professors. Just because I don't want my wife to work does not mean I think women in general shouldn't work. Am I sexist? Is there any way I can meet a woman who shares my values, or was I born 40 years too late?

A: You sound like the male equivalent of the bride in the letter above who much preferred planning her wedding without the bother of a real person to marry. Of course we all have ideas of what our ideal life would be, then life happens and we have to--even want to--adjust to reality. Yes, there are women, even well-educated ones, who would prefer to stay home with their children. But dictating these terms before you've even gotten far enough to go steady makes you sound rigid, dictatorial, and yes, sexist. Instead of announcing your life plan for the so-far nonexistent woman you plan to marry, you should just date interesting, intelligent women and find out what they want out of life. But if you're determined to only spend time with women who meet your qualifications, go to a rally for Rick Santorum. He shares your views of women's roles, and during his Q&A ask if he can fix you up.

Does feminism actually make women dumber? This guy wants certain qualities in his future wife and he articulates them clearly. For his candor, women call him a sexist. What exactly is sexist about a guy who wants to see if he's compatible with his dates? 

Imagine a similar scenario from the other side: A woman is not interested in working when she gets married. She wants to stay at home and homeschool her kids. So, her future husband will be the only one bringing home the bacon. She tells her dates early on about her views. Is that sexist?


Francis W. Porretto

But...but...but...we can't allow men to select their mates on the basis of particular desired characteristics! What would happen to all the angry, foul-mouthed gender-war feminists if we permitted that? They'd go unmarried to the grave, having never had the unique luxury of a husband to torment!

Isaac Schrödinger

Oh, my heart bleeds for such poor women ...

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