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Vox gives advice to a woman regarding her marriage:

And fifth, in the comments you referred to having let yourself get out of shape. The chances are reasonable that your husband finds this embarrassing and that he is embarrassed by your appearance, even though he would probably rather get his teeth pulled without anesthetics than admit it to you or even to himself. (In other words, resist the temptation to ask, if he has any sense at all he will lie to you if he feels that way.) Men not only judge themselves by their wives, they are judged by others that way too. Rise to the level of the potential competition, don't sit in front of the television and tell yourself that because you managed to get someone to put a ring on your finger a while ago, you no longer have to put much effort into your appearance.

I wonder how women would feel if they married a doctor who after the marriage were to quit his work and go on unemployment benefits etc. for eternity. I'm sure women would still love the soul of the man since that's what attracted them to the man to begin with. Status, heaven forbid, had no influence on their decision to marry.

I've heard variations of the following conversation multiple times at work.

Woman 1: OMG, my boyfriend / husband recently told me to go on a diet! The SOB has some nerve.

Woman 2: Get out! How can he be so shallow! We all know that it's inner beauty that matters -- not our figures. He should love you regardless of how many dozens of pounds you gain.

Woman 1: Mmm-hmmpf. [Shoving the way too large lunch down her throat.]

A few minutes later woman 1 is talking about this awesome pancake / pizza / ice cream place she visited during the weekend. Mmm, so good. She's thinking of going there again and again and ...

What's funny is that when the boyfriend / husband gets fed up with the whale and leaves, then they start to lose weight to attract, apparently, another sucker. These women are fully aware of what attracts men and yet they blow up the attraction and are then shocked! surprised! when men are no longer interested in them.

So, women of the world: Be sexy! Especially if you're married. Do it for him and the keep the marriage strong and healthy.


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