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So predictable

Immigration and assimilation

Phyllis Chesler:

In the past, an immigrant undertook a long and sometimes perilous voyage to the New World. In order to plan and execute this transition, such immigrants usually began to cut their ties to their native customs, even to their families; they wanted to assimilate and become “Canadians” or “Americans” or “Englishmen.” Visits back home were not easy or even possible. Ties were painfully cut — or new lives, far from persecution, were begun.

This is no longer true. What may have taken weeks or months in terms of travel can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. Modern wide-body aircraft means that someone can have their breakfast in central Asia and a late-night dinner in the New World. Satellite television means that an immigrant can continue to watch the news and be entertained in their home country’s language.

Many immigrants are, of course, attracted to the comforts of the Western world. However, they do not support the tenets that made that lifestyle possible. That's profoundly stupid. For their behavior ultimately weakens the system from which they derive their material pleasures. One would think that were they rationally selfish, they would celebrate and copy the West (like Japan, South Korea and Singapore). However, their rotten beliefs override common sense.


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