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A for anal

World Net Daily:

Homeschooling families will soon be forbidden from teaching that homosexual sex is sinful as part of their schooling program, according to the government of Alberta, Canada.

So gay.


In 2009, the Alberta Human Rights Act was amended to classify marriage as an institution between two “persons,” rather than a man and a woman.

“When I read Genesis and it talks about marriage being one man in union with one woman, I am very, very clearly opposing the human rights act that says it’s one person marrying another person,” Marler said.

Where does this end? Soon, the provincial governments in Canada will tell parents that they can't teach their kids that Islam is evil. Or blacks commit crimes at higher rates. Or Asians are horrible drivers. Or women are inferior at many activities. The propaganda must be hammered in. So, homeschooling must be brought down to the level of state schooling.


Classical Liberal

But there musn't be any exception to Big Brother's brainwashing!

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