Iran vs. Satanbook
By Ado-bay

Where is the right hope?

Vox Popoli:

Remember, Reagan and George W. Bush were the more conservative candidates. (Bush '43 wasn't really conservative, but he was definitely perceived that way.) Both won two general elections. George H.W. Bush, Dole, and McCain were the less conservative candidates and Bush '41 won one general election. However, I was at the Republican convention in 1988 and I can testify that he was being pushed as the natural heir to Reagan and billed as a True Conservative. By the end of his first term, everyone knew better.

Quite right. The point about the "conservatism" of George W. Bush is correct which means that the last time the US had a true conservative president was about twenty four years ago! That's despressing. Worse, another Reagan isn't on the horizon. Of course, there are many conservatives in America but none with the magnetism possessed by the 40th.


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