Justice shattered
The Patriarchy strikes again

The crueler sex

Alpha Game:

It is deeply ironic that men are generally considered the commitment-phobic sex when it is easily observable that the main reason they tend to increasingly avoid making commitments is because they are forced to take them very seriously. Women, on the other hand, superficially appear pro-commitment, but this only holds true so long as there is no substantive and quantifiable aspect to the commitment for which they can be held accountable. It's rather fascinating to see the way in which marriage has been transformed from an institution wherein wives were expected to provide actual "marital duties" to one in which sex is now widely considered to be at the sole and unilateral discretion of the wife while the husband is not permitted any reliable expectation of it, much less right to it.

The first comment there:

Man has an obligation to go to theater, to prepare breakfast in the morning, to help wash the dishes (dishwasher), to say good words, give the occasional massage, listen to a whole day's nonsense when he wants to relax, give a hug, give a caress, challenge intellectually, make money, buy food, carry the grocery, carry the garbage.... add infinitum

A two minute handjob needs to be earned. Even then, she needs to be in the mood.

Funny, at my workplace today, two guys were talking about a cost benefit analysis of a girlfriend versus a prostitute. The prostitute won. It wouldn't be much different with a wife instead of a girlfriend.


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