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Alpha Game has a post on nagging.

There's no question it poisons a marriage. Just yesterday, I saw a woman nagging her boyfriend in the supermarket. They were likely in their early 20s. The guy was replying in a disgusting, appeasing manner but she just wouldn't stop berating him. I was in their proximity for a mere twenty seconds and I wanted out

Why do guys put up with such crap? Aren't these people interested in being partners instead of having a mother-child relationship?

To me, it's one of the things that's non-negotiable in a girlfriend or a wife: read the title of the post.


Francis W. Porretto

Those of us who put up with nagging to some degree often have a semiconscious "threshold of rebuke" which, if the woman's behavior rises to meet it, will evoke a stern backlash. Up to that point, we tend to tell ourselves, "She's just being what she is," and try to let it roll off our backs.

Note: "what she is," NOT "who she is." Men generally believe that the tendency to nag is sex-linked, rather than a matter of personality -- and I rather think that's the case myself.

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