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Perhaps the most asinine belief of feminists is that men and women are not different. We are simply born with dissimilar sex organs. The inequalities we see among the genders is the result of the oppressive societal structure that refuses to die and continues to keep women down.

In other words, there is rampant discrimination against women. That explains their low numbers at the apex of STEM fields. Just take a look at the Fields Medal which is a prize awarded to those who've made major contributions to mathematics. It's awarded every four years. To date, fifty two people have won the award.

Guess how many women have earned the award. Hint: The number is not positive.

I don't see discrimination here or rather I don't see any proof of discrimination. A large majority of women are not interested in doing research in mathematics. Therefore, in a free society, one won't see women mathematicians on, er, top.

However, feminists and equality fetishists are very uncomfortable with biological differences. It seems that they can't let go of the "women are victims" narrative.

Anyway, check out this video for some "old fashioned" research into the differences between men and women. Password: hjernevask. Link via Heuristics, a commenter at Alpha Game.


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