Test no. 2025
A bit too zealous

Being haunted

Some dark humor from an ex-muslim:

Someone has commented on my last post that why don’t I share it with my parents instead of writing about it on the blog? I think either that guy is mentally challenged or he is just a sadist who wants to read about yet another honor killing in the Muslim world.


The only reason I am writing this blog is because I need to release my pent up frustrations and this is the only way I can do it, an anonymous blog. None of you can understand my predicament unless and until you also happen to be an ex-Muslim. Even now, I get nightmares every night where I am either fasting or praying or circumambulating around that black square object in Mecca.

I understand.

My nightmares put me in Saudi Arabia where I have to write a test but I don't know what to write. Getting a failing mark meant getting a beating later. So, the feeling is of terror -- the thought of being slapped, pushed, punched, beaten with a stick all come back from my earlier "education".


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