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A bit too zealous

An Australian convert to Islam wants sharia now!

No smoking! No drinking! No gambling! No music! And so on.

Other Muslims are miffed. See, right now, they're weak in numbers. So, tactically, they have to play nice. The optimal time to take off the mask is when you're in the double digits percentage wise. However, this guy didn't get the memo.



uhh???excuse me??
Are you bothered about Islam stopping to do all the wrong things like gambling, smoking, drinking etc. or are you worried about the incresing number of people converting to Islam. Just to inform you that Islam is the relegion which is spreading extremely fast in the world especially in European countries and most of them who become Muslims are women.....
My suggestion to you will be please please have a read through the Islamic book Qurán(which by the way is the only book unchanged from the time it has been revealed to Earth).I challenge you to find even one verse which is against humanity....Read it and you with discover

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