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OK Issac, here is a real challenge for you. Can you explain this game and scoring to the rest of us Canadians?

Isaac Schrödinger

Coworkers of mine have asked me to explain cricket. It really has to be watched to be fully comprehended.

What makes it a bit confusing is that there are three versions of it! The different forms are largely based on time.

1. The original version is called Test cricket. It can last up to five days! -- 8 hours of play in a day depending on the weather. Only ten countries in the world play this version.

2. One Day International (ODI). It lasts ... one day!

3. Twenty20. The time frame is similar to a baseball game. If you get the chance, then watch this version.

The Twenty20 World Cup is next year. Catch a few highlights with someone who knows the game.

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