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No love for the kafir

Deccan Herald:

A group of 146 Pakistani Hindus took refuge at capital's Majnu ka Tilla Sep 8 after crossing the Attari border Sep 4.

"I don't fear for my life but for my family. I decided to come here as there is no place for Hindus in Pakistan. Sexual assault, forced conversion, abduction and humiliation is all this country (Pakistan) has given us," Shobhamal told IANS.


"They force us to convert to Islam and threaten of dire consequences. They abduct our children and loot our property. If we complain, nobody listens. There, even the prime minister is not safe, let alone Hindus," says Mithalal, who is in his 50s.

Link via Infidels are Cool where a commenter writes:

One never hears of Indian Muslims fleeing to Pakiland. And there are 120 million of them!

Going to Pakistan is a serious downgrade even if you're a Muslim.

A premonition

The Local via Ed Driscoll:

Doctors were left astounded after a gigantic baby set a new record for Germany’s heaviest-ever naturally born newborn Friday. The boy was named Jihad.

Jihad has many siblings.

The boy will join nine brothers and four sisters – four of which had birth weights of more than five kilograms.

I wonder about their names ...

The elusive D800

Nikon Rumors:

Just to remind you that I still expect the D800 to have 36MP and not 18MP like several websites have suggested in the past few days. I am still standing behind the rumors form early October and as you will see in the next few days they will slowly start to come true.

This guy really trusts his source(s).

I'm the 30%

Jihad Watch:

Cousin marriages has negative impact on intelligence, sanity, health and society. In Pakistan, 70 percent of all marriages are between first cousins (so-called "consanguinity") and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30 percent. Across the Arab world today an average of 45 percent (in some parts up to 70 percent) of married couples are related.

When such people immigrate, they bring their culture with them:

Immigrant children constitute a majority in schools for mentally handicapped and retarded children. The risk of mental and physical disabilities increases significantly when cousins ​​marry each other. Cousin-marriages are highly prevalent in immigrant communities and this is reflected in the number of immigrant children in schools for the mentally retarded. New figures from Copenhagen shows that special schools for children who are born with disabilities or mental retardation, in several cases have a clear majority of immigrant children.

The iLens?

Holy Schnikes!

A joint research project between the University of Washington and Finland's Aalto University has resulted in the creation of a prototype that allows the projection of digital images onto a contact lens.

Right now, they are only at the level of one pixel. It's just a matter of time before we're watching movies on our contact lenses.

However, for teachers, this will be a nightmare; cheating will be so easy.

Put that lime down, NOW!


A chef was stunned to find she was almost banned from buying two limes from a supermarket - because they could be classed as a weapon.

Read the rest. The Onion can't make up this crap.

George Lucas ought to go back and rename the second episode The Attack of the Lemons. Of course, he'll have to replace all the clones with lemons but it's not like that will stop him and it'll probably make the movie better.

Link via Instapundit.

Will Assad Junior go bye bye?

Not another theater:

Yesterday we reported that the Arab League (with European and US support) are preparing to institute a no fly zone over Syria. Today, we get an escalation which confirms we may be on the edge. Just out from CBS: "The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart "immediately," and Turkey's foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria." But probably the most damning evidence that the "western world" is about to do the unthinkable and invade Syria, and in the process force Iran to retaliate, is the weekly naval update from Stratfor, which always has some very interesting if always controversial view on geopolitics, where we find that for the first time in many months, CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the Stennis, and has parked... right next to Syria.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner sure knows how to disappoint.

Link via Vox Popoli.

ODI no. 3216

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka and take the series 4-1. Strangely, Sri Lanka will continue to be ranked higher than Pakistan. Though, given their performance in the last month, that artificially high ranking won't last long.

Soon, Pakistan will play Bangladesh which will not end well for the Bangladeshis. They don't have the talent to handle the Pakistani bowlers.

Obscene Jesus

Vlad Tepes:

If Pakistan’s telecom regulator has its way, millions of mobile phone users may be unable to send text messages with “offensive” and “obscene” words like crap, damn, hobo, flatulence, gay, lesbian and slime from Monday.


While the English list has 148 items containing a four-letter swear word, it has had many scratching their heads by including words and terms like athlete’s foot, deposit, black out, drunk, flatulence, glazed donut, harem, Jesus Christ, hostage, murder, penthouse, Satan and “flogging the dolphin”.

Thank goodness, they don't want to ban "flogging the infidel". Because that would be totally haram.

ODI no. 3215

Sri Lanka's last 7 wickets crashed for only 19 runs. It's quite plain to see that they have no depth in their batting and their bowling is just plain terrible. The next few months will not be pretty for the Sri Lankans.

The Sharjah crowd got their boom boom as Afridi's golden run in ODI continues. He smashed a half-century and then took 5 wickets. That's the second time he has achieved such a feat. No other player has done it twice. He can't switch it down for Tests but in ODIs he's the key player for Pakistan.

Government knows best

Glenn Reynolds:


Follow the link which is not from the Onion:

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.

ODI no. 3214

Afridi, Akmal and Razzaq failed. Their combined contribution was 28 runs. Yet, Pakistan still won. Sri Lanka will lose more matches in the future if they don't bring a good bowling combination to the national stage.

Pakistan, it seems, is becoming a good contender for the next big ODI tournament. Their bowling riches have never been in doubt. Now, their batting is finally gelling together. Hafeez has done exceptionally well in the last year with the bat alone.

In his last ten innings, he has scored 508 runs at an average of 56.44 with two centuries and three fifties.

His added bowling talent makes him a very valuable player.

Cricinfo also notices the importance of Hafeez in the Pakistani team. Before this year, I considered him to be a so-so allrounder. He made okay scores of 20-40 and took a wicket or two in every game but didn't provide enough to be a match winner. In 2011, he has improved significantly. He is no Saeed Anwar but then that is too high a standard.

Ownage by Intel

Tom's News:

Intel's first microprocessor, the 4004, is 40 years old today.

On November 15, 1971, the chip was mentioned for the first time publicly in a half-page ad printed in Electronic News. Intel was just two years old back then and it was first to offer a CPU that was integrated entirely in one package.

It's impressive to behold the increase in computing power in such a short time.

According to Intel, current 32 nm CPUs are about 5000 times faster than the original 4004 and each transistor uses about 5000 times less energy, while the price of each transistor dropped by about 50,000 times.

Also, look at this chart and marvel at Moore's Law.

One day late

I, or rather Cricinfo, should have posted this yesterday:

Wow moment
At 11:11 on 11/11/2011, the Proteas needed 111 runs to win. The Newlands faithful were instructed to stand on one leg for one minute. For those who had already indulged in a couple of beers, this proved challenging! I can't decide if watching grown men hop about is as funny as seeing all those 1s on the scoreboard is spooky. Either way, nothing out-of-the-ordinary today could compete with 21 for 9 - just ask the Aussies.

The South African cricket team is superb. They've got the best bowler on Earth at the moment. Their batting line up is immense with an all-time great like Kallis. Yet, they just can't seem to win in larger tournaments.

They have one of the best win-loss ratios in cricket but they've never won the world cup. They've never even made it to the finals! They've got to bury the "c" word.

Submission or else

Vlad Tepes:

Recently a US TV documentary crew for the “Vanguard” program on Current TV shadowed the English Defence League (EDL) protest movement and their national spokesman Tommy Robinson.

The documentary purported to be an “in-depth” study of the faux concept of Islamophobia and the usual liberal platitudes were trotted out. It was heavily hinted by the liberal-minded journalists that those speaking candidly and openly about Islam were “far-Right” and “racists”, and the usual Islamic (CAIR-backed) apologists were wheeled out and listened to attentively, while no effort was made to challenge them about the central role that the demand for violence plays in their ideology.

Check out the video and see just how peaceful Islam really is.

The versatile burqa

Islamophobia in Pakistan of all places:

A burqa-clad man taking an examination illegally under his wife’s name at a testing centre at Gilgit was arrested by police, witnesses told The Express Tribune on Tuesday.

A commenter states:

When the mullah escaped from Lal Masjid in burqa, why a common man cannot use it for his wife’s benefit. The multipurpose burqa is a must for every Pakistani whether male or female.

The rise of thunderbolt


A week ago we published our review of the first sub-$1000 Thunderbolt drive enclosure: LaCie's Little Big Disk. Armed with a pair of 2.5" hard drives, the Little Big Disk ended up being the fastest, relatively affordable external storage available for Thunderbolt equipped Macs. For sequential transfers we were able to hit around 200MB/s, which is better than Mac owners can do over GigE, FireWire 800 or USB 2.0. Still, the Little Big Disk had one fundamental flaw: the use of mechanical storage.

Soon that won't be an issue:

The Little Big Disk family is growing to include a 240GB SSD version priced at $899. The drive will be available for purchase on Apple's website by the end of the month. LaCie sent us a 240GB drive to run through our tests, and that's exactly what we did.

Reasonably priced options should appear for PC users next year.

Crazy, confusing standards

I'm looking at upgrading my monitor. There are many types of connection standards for, er, connecting the monitor to a graphics cards: VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

VGA is practically dead; that leaves three different types of ports to worry about. What makes it worse is that DVI itself has four permutations!

So, when buying a monitor, one has to consider:

  1. The monitor, of course.
  2. The graphics card; it must possess the type of connection port suitable for the monitor.
  3. The proper cable that can provide the resolution that's native to the monitor.

Mess up on any of the three, then the results are, shall we say, very vexing.

Busted for corruption

For the first time ever, cricketers are found guilty of spot fixing. The shameless clowns just happen to be Pakistanis.

The jury in the spot-fixing trial has found Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif guilty, by a unanimous verdict, on the charge of 'conspiracy to cheat' and guilty by a 10-2 majority decision on the charge of 'conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments'.

Pakistan cricket in the last five years:

Since the forfeited Oval Test of 2006, this team has suffered doping scandals, petty administrators, a coach found inexplicably dead in his hotel room, terrorism against a visiting team, and - for the foreseeable future - inability to play at home.

Soon, some of their players will be spending quality time behind bars.