Slow motion descent into barbarism
Airheads of the world, unite!

True muslim

The assassin of a Pakistani politician will not get the death sentence.

The Islamic fundamentalist fringe, the association of lawyers in Rawalpindi, a famous judge of the court of Lahore and thousands of Pakistanis are on the streets: a large chunk of the country is challenging the judiciary and the government, guilty of condemning to death Mumtaz Qadri, the bodyguard and self-confessed murderer of the Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was killed on January 2 for defending the Christian Asia Bibi and asking for changes to the blasphemy laws.

The defense of the assassin:

In a surprise decision, the former head of the Lahore High Court has decided to take the legal defense of Qadri in the appeal process in Islamabad. "Qadri’s gesture is justified - says the judge – as one of a true Muslim."

It's an excellent defense. If you disagree with him, then you're going against Islam! That can be quite hazardous in Pakistan.

Link via Jihad Watch.


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