Islamic culture

Dogs > muslims

Gates of Vienna:

Two Islamic groups in Lerida are already asking officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces because dogs are seen as unclean, and their presence in public could offend Muslims. They are also demanding that dogs are banned from all forms of public transportation, which would include all city buses, and areas frequented by Muslims.

The irony is that the world would be a far better and compassionate place if Muslims behaved like your average dog. Simply writing about Muslims and dogs in the same sentence is akin to disrespecting dogs.

There are so many things that offend Muslims. As their population grows, I wonder what will be next on their dhimmi list.

It also makes we wonder what will happen when they make up 30-40% of Lerida’s population. Will they ask for the crosses be removed from churches? Will they want to abolish any other outward sign of a non-Muslim religion?

Of course. The rules of sharia are not geographically limited to Saudi Arabia or Iran. For Muslims, they apply everywhere.


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