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Complex numbers

Sex both real and imaginary:

Young women seem to want to keep their numbers lower, while men want their numbers to be higher. A 2001 study of college students in the U.K. published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior titled “Which Behaviors Constitute Having Sex?” showed that, compared with women, a greater percentage of men count oral sex and manual sex as “sex” when they’re tallying their partners—presumably because they want to boost their number. Of the 11 sexual acts that the study’s researchers counted, there was only one—anal sex—that women were more likely than men to “count” as sex. The results of this study jibed with previous studies which also found that men counted a greater number of behaviors as sex than women did.

While women are concerned about their numbers getting too high, they also don’t want their numbers to be too low, lest they be seen as prudes. Lisa Wade, an assistant professor of sociology at Occidental College, says that a lot of women she’s talked to deliberately lost their virginity before going to college, because they didn’t want to be viewed as unsophisticated.

That's one thing I've noticed about women: they crave social acceptance a lot more than men. I've known many men who couldn't care less about how society views them but women think they're being oppressed if someone, somewhere merely disapproves of their actions.


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