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Armed and Dangerous:

Women are hypergamous. They want to marry men who are bigger, stronger, higher-status, a bit older, and a bit brighter than they are. This is massively confirmed by statistics on actual marriages; only the “a bit brighter” part is even controversial, and most of that controversy is ideological posturing.

OK, so what happens when women get educated, achieve economic equality, etcetera? Their pool of eligible hypergamic targets shrinks; the princess marrying the swineherd is a fairytale precisely because it’s so rare. More women seeking hypergamy from a higher baseline means the competition for eligible males is more intense, and womens’ ability to withold sex vanishes even supposing they want to. Thus, college campuses today, and plunging marriages rate tomorrow.

That's probably one of the big reasons why I see so many miserable, single women at my workplace. They're lonely but also deeply averse to dating men who're less educated or wealthy or sometimes even at the same level of status. Such criteria rules out most men in their lives. I've seen men who're very interested in dating particular women but too often the women relegate them to LJBF territory.

It's a sad sight every time.

Anyway, read the entire post. There are many interesting comments at the end.


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