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Saudis, rights and sex

Digital Journal:

Women in Saudi Arabia have innundated the government with complaints over plans to import Moroccan women as housemaids. The reason: Moroccan women are just too beautiful and may lure the Saudi husbands away.

As one stated:

“Moroccans are good at magic and sorcery and that this could enable them to lure their husbands.”

True, the Moroccans are famous for their love potions. Wasn't their a Moroccan harlot who seduced Ron Weasely in the Potter series ...

Anyway, why don't the Saudis get their maids from the usual Asian countries?

The ban on maids from Indonesia and the Philippines hit Saudi households hard, causing many to resort to hiring illegal maids over Ramadan.

Why the ban?

The ban came into effect following the two countries attempts to introduce regulations for the work conditions of their nationals. Trade Arabia said both countries demanded better working conditions for their employees. Saudi walked away from the negotiations abruptly and decided to look for domestic employees from countries not as concerned about imposing regulations to protect their workers.

It's amazing really. The entire Muslim world loathes the Jews and their puppets the Americans. Yet, it is at the very heart of Islam where poor Muslims are treated like slaves.

Saudi Arabia is still smarting over criticisms of the beheading of Indonesian maid Royati Sabotti in June, which came to international attention. Since then both the Indonesian and Sri Lankan governments have intervened to arrange payments of blood money to free housemaids from their countries that were facing the death penalty by execution.


Classical Liberal

I didn't notice any magic or sorcery when I was in Morocco, but they did make good couscous.

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