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Islam in Europe via Vlad Tepes:

"It is the duty of every Muslim to kill those who leave Islam." This statement was made on Radio Sweden recently when an Imam from Rinkeby (Stockholm) was allowed to speak about how people should act against Somalis who convert to Christianity.

The spin on the matter from another Muslim:

Kenadid Mohamed, who did the first report on the Christian Somalis, says he understands that the imam interprets the Koran literally, which means it's not possible to convert from Islam.

"It is an approach that many believe in," says Kenadid Mohamed.

Many? How about most where most = 99%.


Francis W. Porretto

My impression is that nearly no Muslim would openly condemn the murder of an apostate, and a great many would verbally approve it, but only a small minority would be willing to do the deed themselves. Is that in accord with your opinion?

Isaac Schrödinger

You're correct.

It's the same with Jihad, overall. Most support it but very few are psychotic enough to carry out the deeds.

The problem is that those "few" number in the millions over the globe and they get tremendous approval from their "moderate" peers.

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