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Your Tango:

In our society, males are more likely to work in fields dealing with "things" like science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); whereas women lead the ranks in creative careers and those based on serving people. That's just the way things are — but is it based on sexism, which is a social construct, or is there a biological reason?

Obviously, it's the sexism! Just the idea of "biological gender differences" is a hoax made up by the nefarious Patriarchy. And boy have they been successful. Just think of the dozens of broads who could have won the Nobel Prize for Mathematics had it not been for the phallic-centered system of the world.

Instead the number of female Nobel math winners is less than one.



Classical Liberal

Larry Summers got pressured out of the top job at Harvard for the PC sin of wondering about nature vs. nurture. Now there's at least one article about it. I wonder if the worm is turning, at least a bit.

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