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A decade later

I went to visit my family in Saudi Arabia in December of 2001. My father worked with many Saudis in his office. He told me how they celebrated when they heard the news of 9/11. Only one Arab was not happy. My dad inquired about his sadness. This Arab said that he wished the twin towers had fallen on their side so that more death and carnage could have materialized but alas the damn towers crumbled straight down on their foundation.

Most Muslims are not and will not be terrorists but they sure don't mind in taking pleasure when the gruesome atrocities of their brothers are brought to light. Today, that moral support for terrorists and Jihad is still there.

I'm fortunate to be now living in the West where I don't have to follow their wretched religion. Here's what I wrote about my experience six years ago:

1. In Darkness

2. The Land of Trinity

3. IX . XI

4. In Delirium


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