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Badass of the Week is definitely a badass.

Gelman's eyes don't blink, move, or register any kind of emotion at all. They're dead, black holes. Gelman calmly reaches into his coat, eyes still fixed on Lozito's gaze, and smoothly draws an eight-inch-long, razor-sharp kitchen knife from his waistband. Lozito then suddenly realizes the man is muttering to himself. No, worse. He's chanting. "You're going to die. You're going to die."

Vox Popoli:

As my sensei always taught us, "when you go, you go!" In other words, once the moment for action arrives, commit 100 percent. Lozito appears to have had little idea what he was doing - a simple arm bar and break would have been significantly safer than a takedown - but that only emphasizes his courage and heroism.


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