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The oppression strikes again!


An Instapundit reader writes in:

New Hampshire used to be a pretty conservative place – no state income tax, ‘live free or die’ on the license plates, etc. A flood of refugees from Taxachusetts over the past 20 years has changed that. And just as you described, the newcomers seem to have no clue that the policies they support are the very same ones that ruined the state they fled.

This reminds me of a conversation from 2003. I knew this Pakistani family living in Saudi Arabia. Somehow they got green cards for themselves. They eventually wanted to settle in the United States. Oddly enough, the head of the family supported the Taliban because they were "true Muslims"!

So, he verbally supported hardcore sharia but ran as far away as possible from its wretched consequences. I wonder if he's still as big of an idiot today as he was eight years ago ...


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