A democratic path to totalitarianism
Understanding submission

Lucifer's torture

Vox Popoli:

I've mentioned this before, but I still laugh every time I think of my father's summary of a dinner in which he was seated between two well-known social butterflies. "Now I know what Hell is like."

About a year ago there was a department meeting at my workplace. It was supposed to be "brief". The relevant part of it was approximately five minutes long but the meeting was stretched to an hour.

Why? Because the head of the department is a female idiot. There are scores of other words I can use to describe her but that's for a post in the future. She simply kept on repeating how she tried to accomplish X but she can't because of Y and also because Z is such an ass ...

After fifty minutes of the brief meeting I looked in the direction of a male coworker. Our eyes met and we silently communicated, "WTF!"


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