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Dr. Helen: Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean?

Yes, I do. I had two strange dreams last month. They seemed like tiny parts of a much larger story. Make of them what you will.

1st dream:

I am a boy in a suburb with my kid friends and we hear news that a dragon is loose in the neighborhood. Yes, a fire breathing creature is burning up the area where I live. We're all scared. My friends run back to their homes. I stand there thinking: How does one fight a spawn of Smaug?

An old man dressed like a wizard approaches me and says that there's a way to stop the beast. He shows me a tablet which is the size of a small diary. It has the look of wood and clay. He tells me that displaying the magical tablet to the dragon will terrify him and he'll go away. However, the magic can only work if the maker of the tablet were to use it.

Then he hands me the tablet. I'm like, "Whaaaa".

"You made the tablet when you were very young."

Then, like a freaking movie, there's a flashback in which I see myself as a few months old and I'm having fun making this strange little wood-clay item.

"I then kept it. Today, you have to use it."

I'm so confused and terrified. The roar of the dragon gets near. I hide behind a wall of some house. I can feel the fire getting closer and apparently only I have the power to stop it.

I summon up the courage. I take my first step from behind the wall to face the music.

Then I wake up.

2nd dream:

1st point-of-view: I'm sleeping in a room of a giant building -- kinda like the White House -- and the noise of people outside the room wakes me up. I'm pissed. A few diplomats in sharp suits have just arrived and they're discussing an alarming security situation: A dirty bomb has been smuggled into the country.

Then, there's a strange noise that makes everyone shut up. Nobody knows where it's coming from. It's like a fluttering sound.

2nd point-of-view: There are many guards outside this building who notice this sound as well. They all look up. A huge wooden cube is falling very slowly. It has a parachute attached and that's the source of the noise. Suddenly the parachute bursts and the cube falls violently onto the lawn. It splinters and compresses but one still can't see what's inside.

The crash sends out this barely visible shockwave and when it reaches the guard, he's dead.

3rd point-of-view: A few kilometers away from the building a little girl is walking in a shopping district with her mother. All of a sudden they hear terrible screaming and screeching. In front of them dozens of people are running in a direction away from that building but they can't avoid this slow and somewhat visible shockwave as it passes through them.

The confused girl focuses on a young woman in the crowd. All she sees is a zoomed in image of the face of this woman. Slowly, hundreds of invisible scalpels are elegantly tearing up her face. The skin on her face seems to be dissolving away. She won't live long.

4th point-of-view: There is chaos in the city as thousands must have died. A band of uruk-hais are viewing the city from the top of a skyscraper and would you believe it, there's a machine gun mounted there! One of them grabs the gun, aims it practically straight down into the street below and starts shooting regular orcs.

Then I wake up and go, "What the hell!?"



Your first dream indicates that you were Steve Jobs in a previous life.

The second dream shows that you're terrified of people who can solve rubiks cubes.

That'll be $75.


I know next to nothing about you, but my ego is big enough to try to make sense of your dreams :)

I belive you worked very hard to reach a certain position in life and/or a balanced view of the world. That's because it seems, from both your dreams, that you are used to take responsibility not only for yourself, but for those around you. In your dreams is the entire world that's threatened - the question is, is this the physical world or your own inner world. Both, I believe.

Dragons, orcs and killer cubes are non-human, insensitive enemies you cannot reason with. In your dreams your are the one in the position of power, quite alone in your world-saving mission, with very little or no help at all. It's both a very heavy burden and a ray of hope. You can fight the impossible.

Regarding the uruk-hais shooting regular orcs: you've already witnessed humans dying in your dream, that's too much. Your subconscious replaces humans with orcs, to ease the pain. It's ok if orcs kill orcs, they're not human, they're your enemies. If someone has to die, let him be orc. Great exit strategy.

Stop thinking that the fate of the world is your responsibility. Or stop watching scarry movies before you go to sleep.

Isaac Schrödinger

Pisa: An excellent observation about my mind replacing humans with orcs. When that woman's face was dissolving, I was horrified in the dream. Amazing how the subconscious works.

Alex: What, no discount?

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