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To Hell and Back Again

Farrah Khalil converted to Islam:

I read books explaining why men could have up to four wives and books about how the Holocaust was just one big lie (conspired by the Jews, of course). I read books about the life of Muhammad, Islam's final prophet, and how to emulate his life on a daily basis, like drinking in sips of three (this was better somehow) and allowing a fly to fall into your drink (apparently, fly wings cure diseases). I read about the "evil Jews" and the "infidel Christians" – Christians who erroneously thought Jesus was the Son of God.

However, certain events in her life made her see the truth. Here's the first one:

After spending an hour just looking, I decided to buy a single pink toothbrush. With purchase in hand, I got in line behind a man wearing a long, black robe. I was used to seeing people in long, black robes. The Middle East was full of people in long, black robes. Thus, I didn't bat an eye or furrow a brow at the man's outfit – until he began to speak. The robed man in front of me was telling the cashier about the wonderful bar mitzvah he had just attended. Bar mitzvah? My eyes immediately flew to the top of the man's head. How had I missed the yarmulke (Jewish skullcap)? I couldn't believe it! I was standing behind an "evil Jewish rabbi." Ironically, right as this thought entered my mind, the "evil Jewish rabbi" turned around and said, "Why don't you go ahead of me. You only have one thing."

To say that I was shocked is an understatement. Why was this "evil Jewish rabbi" being nice to me? Jewish people, especially rabbis, were supposed to be mean and nasty, weren't they? That's what I had been told. That's what I had read. In fact, more than one person in the Middle East warned me not to buy products that may have "passed" through Israel. Why? Well, it was quite obvious. Everyone knew that Jewish people poisoned food, especially baby food, that was on its way to Islamic nations. This was common knowledge, wasn't it?

Indeed. Jew-hatred is in the DNA of Islam. One can't be a good Muslim without loathing the Jews.

Farrah decided to learn about Muhammad and see just how "perfect" he really was:

Muhammad married a 6-year-old? Really? Muhammad had a pregnant woman killed for mocking him? Really? Muhammad had thousands of Jews killed and thrown in a mass grave? Really?

Yes, really. Amazing how much one can learn with a little research.


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