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Talented, Dishonest and Cheap

The Pakistan cricket story:

Intikhab Alam, the manager of the Pakistan team, has said a small clique of players within the national side have interfered in the team's management, leaked confidential information and contributed to the divisive culture and controversies that have dogged Pakistan cricket in the last few years.

"There were times when, 15 minutes after a team meeting, television channels were running tickers about things that happened or were discussed in the meeting," Intikhab told GEO Super, a local television channel.

I bet some Pakistani players were being paid by the media to provide juicy details about the team meetings. It's not like one has to pay them a lot.


Classical Liberal

Do these guys make a lot of money, at least relative to local living costs, like American football or basketball players? Do they get advertising contracts and that sort of thing?

Isaac Schrödinger

There's no question that they make a lot of money relative to the average Pakistani. Though, in absolute terms it's not as much football or basketball players.

Yes, they do get advertising contracts as well.

Still, some of the best and talented players take money on the side for the wrong reasons. Just last year, three Pakistani players (which included the captain!) were found to have taken bribes -- in return for which they were supposed to under-perform in certain parts of the cricket match.

Now, the three idiots have been banned from all cricket for at least five years. Such a waste.

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