Two Full Frames?
Hating Those Who Are Impure

Respect Evil or Die

Jihad Watch:

It is noteworthy that Sheikh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni says that one who insults Muhammad must be killed, but not one who insults Allah. For all the indignant rejection by Muslims of the old term "Mohammedan," Islam is actually quite Muhammad-centric.



It's sad and funny at the same time.


The gif above is from this link where we get this comment:

May God kill the people who did this.Ameen.
You will be punish hard for this!.. Allahu Akbar.



This has always struck me as indicative of the fact that muslims have worshipped, and do worship, Muhammad without even realising it. They elevate him to a position even greater than god.

I used to post at a lot. I eventually declared my apostasy on that site. I had concluded I could not believe in the concept of god itself. I received a lot of criticism, but no death threats. Only when I mentioned Muhammad and asked if he truly did sanction the execution of apostates, however, did I have my thread locked, shortly thereafter deleted, and a warning issued to me for ‘trolling’.

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