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The mafia would be proud

Ontario is hot

The Canadian Press:

Several other Ontario cities, such as London and Hamilton, also saw their hottest nights ever, said Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips.

"Back in the famous heat waves of the past you could always count on the nights cooling off so the body could build back," he said.

"What's becoming more characteristic of our kind of heat waves now is not so much the excruciating high temperatures, it's the elevated minimum temperatures."

Indeed, it does suck. Though, I have experienced far worse.

When I was eight years old in Saudi Arabia, I had to take a bus to school -- a Pakistani institution of cruelty to be honest. The school bus assigned to my route was not air conditioned. Along that route was a giant electronic billboard which displayed the time of the day and then the temperature in Celsius and then the time and so on.

One ultra hot day, the bus stopped at a traffic signal. I had my seat window open and I could see that billboard.

The time was 2:49 and then the "2:" disappeared!


Francis W. Porretto

120 Degrees Fahrenheit, eh? Well, I've just struck Pakistan from my list of potential relocation destinations.

Isaac Schrödinger

Actually, that was a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. So, you should cross off Saudi Arabia from your list assuming, of course, that you have that exotic slice of hell on there.

Francis W. Porretto

Uh, yeah. Got me. Some days I read far too quickly for proper comprehension. (Must be the heat.)

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