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It's Not Rape Rape

Jihad Watch:

Munawar Hasan is the President of Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, the country's largest and most powerful pro-Sharia party. This video is not in English, unfortunately, but in it he says that a woman should not report being raped unless she has four male Muslim witnesses who saw the act.

Munawar Hasan, it seems, is being interviewed on a TV show in Pakistan. The language is, naturally, Urdu which I understand.

The interviewer repeatedly states the absurd logic behind the Islamic rape laws and says that DNA evidence and such ought to be enough for a rape conviction. The Islamist Hasan disagrees. He states, 02:43 to 02:46, that if a woman doesn't have the [four] witnesses, then she should remain silent.

That's another way of saying that rape is not a crime.

The interviewer persists and asks Hasan to explain his logic. Hasan, the sly Islamist, states, 03:30 to 03:35, that he's talking about Quran and Islamic law whereas the interviewer is arguing against the Quran and Islamic law and he wants to discourage that. 

That's another way of saying that Hasan doesn't want anything, er, bad to happen to the interviewer since opposition to sharia can be very hazardous to one's health in Pakistan.


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